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4 Best Ways to Clean Your Grout

by jianliu on January 05, 2022
  • 2 min read

Due to its porous texture, grout is highly prone to catching on dirt and grime. Grout can also be a little tricky to clean due to being slightly deeper than the tile surface, so simply wiping it down does not cut it a lot of the time. 

While it may take a bit of elbow grease, getting your grout looking new and shiny is definitely possible with a few handy tips and tricks.

Here is a rundown of the 4 best ways to clean grout and eliminate grime to keep your grout looking as good as new.

1. Use Water and Dish Soap

To clean grout, you don't have to reach for expensive commercial cleaning solutions available in the market. For most types of tiles, a homemade DIY mixture of some water and dish soap does the trick.

You can store your warm water and dish soap mixture in a spray bottle. Use the solution whenever and wherever you feel necessary and wipe with a damp towel or cloth to get rid of any dirt and grime. 

2. Spray with Vinegar

If you want your tiles looking fresh, vinegar can really come in handy.

Fill an old spray bottle with a half-water and half-vinegar solution. Give the bottle a shake to mix the solution and get spraying. Let the spray stay on for five minutes and then clean off with a brush or a towel.

You can spray your walls several times a week or less, depending on your needs. Since vinegar is acidic, use the solution sparingly. A few spritzes here and there will do the trick.

3. Clean with a Power Scrubber

If you don’t want to rely on chemicals, a simple cleaning agent/solution and a good quality scrubber can do the trick for you.

Most hardware and department stores carry brushes for cleaning. However, we recommend using our Best-Selling Power Scrubber Pro+ to reach even the hardest of places and clean the toughest of stains.

This electric scrubber is cordless and boasts a fast-spinning brush head that gets rid of grime quickly and efficiently. You can use the scrubber to clean your shower, tub, kitchen, sink, car, and much more, making it an extremely versatile cleaning tool.

Not to mention the three different brush heads that the scrubber comes with, satisfying all your cleaning needs and keeping your grout looking fresher than ever.

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4. Let Steam Make Your Job Easier

A great tip to make the task of cleaning your grout easier is to let steam do some of the work.

Things like soap scum residue can be hard to get rid of. Instead of breaking your back trying to wipe off tough stains, spritz your bathroom walls and floors with your grout cleaning solution. You can use a commercial mold remover or a homemade solution for this purpose. After that, let the hot water run until steam builds.

Wait about 20 minutes before cleaning. You will notice that the dirt comes off significantly easier.