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Baroque Bright Pearl Earrings - TikTokDJ

Baroque Bright Pearl Earrings

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Pearls have been regarded as rare treasures since ancient times. They are crystal clear and sparkling, and are known as the queen of gems. Nowadays, the precious organic pearls can be processed into a variety of jewelry accessories, showing innocence, perfection, and elegance. 

Premium Material

1. The pearls are high quality and skin-friendly which can be long-term wear and makes you look more beautiful & delicate and indicate the fashion charm and elegant temperament of women.

2. Wearing pearls can not only reflect your unique taste but also nourish the liver and eyes, calm the mind and benefits to your health.

Multiple Occasions 

Perfect for Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Engagement, Birthday, Party, Christmas, Dating, Mother's Day, Wedding, Everyday Wear to add shine to your daily life. These unique real pearls will give your lover a huge surprise.

Transportation Time

The shipping normally will spend about 7-14 days depends on your specific location.


Care Tips

Please do not let your pearl jewelry accessories touch with your makeup, hairspray, perfume, or other chemicals. It is best to apply beauty products before wearing pearl jewelry.